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Short and Sweet in Texas

For the largest state on my trip and second in the USA – Texas came and went pretty quickly on my walk across the USA. Route 60 led me clear across the Panhandle in nine days. Though my time in Texas was short it sure was sweet!

As you all know, I’ve been starting my days as early as 1 a.m. to get most of my walking done before the summer heat gets really bad each day. It’s not always easy hitting the road that early, but each day I was blessed with a gorgeous Texas sunrise – pink skies and all.

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Early days made me ready for bed pretty early though. There were a few nights where I stopped in towns without hotels, so you can imagine how nervous I would get at the end of a 40 mile day when all I wanted to do was rest my head, but didn’t know exactly where that would be. Some nights I had to sleep in random spots as out of sight as possible, but mostly that old southern hospitality prevailed and a stranger who heard me talking about my walk in a restaurant or saw Thule parked outside of it – would welcome me to pitch my tent in their backyard or even stay in their homes and prepare an amazing meal for me.

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Again, I cannot thank each person I’ve met on this walk enough for their outpouring of kindness.

Then there were the hotels and B&B’s that welcomed me into their businesses without asking for a dime. Cowboys and Roses is a beautiful, quaint bed and breakfast in Miami, Texas. The folks there made me feel so comfortable during my stay and even made me breakfast for dinner. Then there was the Holiday Inn Amarillo West Medical Center, a very Texas-chic hotel with amazing amenities, which I took full advantage of during my two nights there.

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Yes, that’s right – I took a day off in Amarillo. This allowed me to meet with Mayor Paul Harpole and hear about his time serving in the Army as well as learn about Amarillo. I also got to spend time with two friends from home, Ric and Bobbi Lee, who traveled all the way from Austin, to say hello and even walk with me a few miles. Seeing two familiar faces and being treated to a delicious Italian meal for the first time in months – gave me the much needed boost I need to finish this walk strong.

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As I write this, I’m in New Mexico, one of three states left on my walk across the USA. There’s gonna be a few long barren stretches in this state that I’m slightly concerned about in terms of water and day-to-day supplies. Luckily, my brother will be meeting up with me on the road. But as usual, I know all your prayers and thoughts will get me through each step safely. So blessed to have so many looking after me and encouraging me on this trip.

We’re under a thousand miles to the finish line! I never would have made it this far without all your support and I know that support will take me to the end. Eternally grateful to each and every person following this journey.

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