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100-Degree, 40-Mile Days in Oklahoma

The heat in Oklahoma is no joke.

I arrived in Oklahoma on July 2nd – thinking I would get a bit of relief from the hills and humidity of Missouri. That was not the case. Every day has reached 100 degrees in OK and it doesn’t seem to let up. The heat stays constant even at 5PM!

This has forced me to change my daily plan completely.

I’ve been hitting the road earlier and earlier to try and beat the heat. Thule and I have started walking as early as midnight to complete 40-mile days before it just gets too hot to even move. The early days have given me some relief from the heat, but it’s not always the safest bet.

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Of course I’m not as visible walking along the side of the road at night as I would be during the day. Plus, people are a lot more worried about seeing a guy walking with a cart at 2AM than they would be mid-day, which doesn’t always make it easy to walk out of someone’s yard where I’ve been camping for the night.

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But with all the struggle, my faith in people has never been stronger as I’ve passed through another state where complete strangers have gone above and beyond just to help me out. A farmer named Steve came to my rescue with water and an extra hand to get Thule out of the mud when a short cut turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. Hotels often don’t even exist in some of these smaller towns – so I cannot express my gratitude enough to the people who allowed me to camp out in their yards when I had nowhere else to go or the people and places who have given me a meal. There have been some great hotels and Casinos like the Indigo Sky Casino in Seneca and the Osage Hotel & Casino in Ponca City as well, that gave me beautiful, comfortable rooms to stay.

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I crossed into to Texas yesterday where it looks like the heat is only going to increase, but I’m really excited to make it to this great state. Looking forward to a day of rest in Amarillo then carrying on across the Texas Panhandle. More to come soon. As always – thanks so much to everyone for your endless support and motivational words. It keeps me going on the hardest of days.

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