On the road (I chose) again!

I’m back and walking longer, stronger and faster than ever, hence why it’s taken so long to write this post.

I returned to the road I chose via Winchester, KY on May 28th and after a small health scare and a lot of miles lost, I returned with a new game plan for my walk across the USA. As my son would say, I’m Forrest Gump-ing it!


First, what went wrong. I was taking on too much too soon and not paying enough attention to my body. I was dehydrated and exhausted. Plus to add to it all, I had a kidney stone, which does not make walking across this great country any easier. I gave it a few days at Winchester Fire Department to see if I got any better. I cannot thank the fire department and the entire town really – for all their support and help during this time. Even the mayor came out to check on me! You guys are extraordinary and I was so happy to return to you.

After a few days of not feeling any better in Winchester, I decided – I had to return home to NJ. There, my wonderful wife Peggy helped me regain my strength. I visited a few doctors, had a few blood test and slept – A LOT! Reading all the wonderful messages of support and concern really helped me get back on my feet and it’s because of this cause and how much I have my family and all of you behind me that I’m back on the road today.

But the scare of not finishing and the time off has allowed me to refocus and create a new game plan – the Forrest Gump method. I’ve increased my daily mileage from 10 to 30 miles a day, which has already allowed me to catch up with all the miles I lost, but also has me on track to finish my walk across the USA a lot sooner than I originally anticipated.

This, unfortunately, means that I will not be able to plan my stops as easily. Though I will be stopping at fire departments whenever I can – I have been finding shelter pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Since returning, I’ve slept under a kind strangers deck, motels, camped in people’s backyards and more.

However, this does not mean that I can no longer connect with all of you. I’ve met countless people like Brian from “I Am Dixie Highway” who spotted me walking the highway and shared my story with the Facebook group and then they all came out to show their support. I am constantly amazed by the kindness of strangers on the walk. If it’s taught me anything it’s that people are good and of course to drink loads of water when walking across America!


I am still in Kentucky, not too far from Missouri and feeling invigorated to finish this journey on behalf of the cause that made me want to start it – the Navy SEAL Foundation. I’m doing this to support the SEALs who have done so much for us. Please, if you can, donate to this great cause via my Crowdrise page. If you have time, say “Hi!” when you see me walking or give a little honk. All your kind words and supporting this great cause are what keep me going each day. Thanks so much!

All proceeds from my walk across the USA benefit The Navy SEAL Foundation. Donate on my Crowdrise Page and follow my journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Lynda says:

    Good luck! Have safe travel!

  2. Ronald Flack says:

    Good Luck On Your Walk, Ronald,

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