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Walk Week in Review: May 1-7

St. Albans, WV – to – Grayson, ,KY

Miles: 69.2 (and change – a lot of change!)

This week I added another state to my walk – Kentucky. While I’m excited to meet the people and see the sights of this great state (not to mention no longer having to deal with all those WV hills), I have to say it was pretty hard saying goodbye to West Virginia where I made countless friends and probably gained about 20lbs, because those friends were so warm, welcoming, generous and also wonderful cooks!

I started out the week at St. Albans Fire Department where their chef cooked a phenomenal meal that was only made better by great conversation with all the firemen there. Thule also received some upgrades in St. Albans, WV thanks to the local bike shop that added her flashing lights.

The weather started out stormy as I left St. Albans, which almost foreshadowed my next stop, Hurricane, WV. I got to visit another fantastic firehouse there who prepared yet another wonderful meal – but this time breakfast was on me as the folks at Dunkin’ Donuts made a delivery for us all. Another great stop with great people. I got to meet the mayor, the chief, the boss, some great kids who I got to speak to at the local elementary school and even made a friend going to The Ellen Show with me – hopefully- (are you listening Ellen?).


The skies opened up in Hurricane and it was nothing but sun all the way to Barboursville, WV. There I spent two nights at Barboursville Volunteer Fire Department and attended a service at Salt Rock Community Church. Great to see so many people there. Thanks for all your well-wishes and prayers. Can’t believe the wild turkey feast I had there. You all made me feel like family and I can’t thank you enough!


My last night in West Virginia was at Ceredo Fire Department Station #1, where I met so many wonderful people – including the oldest fire fighters there and Mayor Otis Adkins. Thank you all so much for the pizza party and your generous donation. I needed those carbs for the next day when I walked 38 miles to Kentucky!


Yes, that’s right – 38 miles in one day. Trust me – it was not on purpose – though I think it may have been required after how much I ate in WV. I am primarily following Route 60 across the USA, but sometimes go off route and made a small mistake today that costs me a lot of miles. Luckily, the guys at Grayson Firehouse stayed up late for me and I can’t thank you all enough for that and all you did to make me comfortable after what may have been my toughest day yet. Next stop, Olive Hill!

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